How many English vocabulary 101 words are there in English ?

Number of Dictionary Definitions for



FALL ............264


GET .............289


TAKE ............343

GO ........396

SET ...............464

There are millions of words in English Vocabulary... Millions?... Yes.

Words in English language come with added complexities like polysymes, homonyms, homophones, contextual use and individual psychology of language user.

 There are many Reasons for obscurities present in English language.

1) English language is used a by large number of people in the world for many different reasons-economic, political, social or historical.

2) In addition, very frequently new words are added to English language because of new inventions in science & technology;social/ political/ economic reforms.

3)English vocabulary comprises 80% words from many languages like Latin, Greek, French, Celtic, Scandinavia etc.

3) Many English-words' origins can be traced back to one of these languages. And to add to the complexities words have undergone complete change in meaning over the years.

Look at the definition of the following words referred in

 A Dictionary of the English Language, 1775, Samuel Johnson:

Whitewash-----------------A wash to make the skin fair

Watching -----------------Inability to sleep

Imp ------------------------A son, progeny

Commute -----------------To exchange

Here is a good news, you do not need to learn all definitions, because............................Researchers and English Language Teachers recommend relevant English Vocabulary word lists for SPECIFIC purpose

Actually, nobody can ever claim to know all English words in English language because this language is so rich and diverse that its vagaries, inconsistencies, complexities baffle students and English teachers equally.

But, It is very much possible for you to know enough words as per your requirement. You can differentiate and learn words that are important for your purpose.

English vocabulary has four categories .

· High frequency words

· Academic vocabulary

· Technical vocabulary and

. Low frequency words

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bit bucket n. An An imaginary trash location, example, "it fell into the bit bucket" means the data was lost.

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