My Encounters with English Language

HiI am Meena creator of this website.

Why I created a site on English Vocabulary?

Because English Vocabulary is huge, confusing, complex, intimidating and IMPORTANT.

Your vocabulary is the key to your academic/ career success

English is not my native language, I have learnt it as a second language. I am the only one in the family who opted for English medium studies. Interest in this language has led me to acquire professional qualifications-Post graduation in English (Language & Literature), MPhil (16 credits). I also have a band score of 8 in IELTS...and I keep participating in workshops certified by the British Council...........................................................................and I am a keen learner with a interest in the very process of learning itself.

I resumed studies while supervising my kids' studies, best way to use my time.... Anyway, full time work was out of bound because other partner had to travel out of town/country for weeks. I did venture into full time work for a while but, couldn't do justice to home duties.

Call it blessings in disguise because I did make best use of my "stay at home mom time". BTW, I feel proud I could finance my own studies with my full time earnings. Why I am telling you this...........

  • Ahhhh feels good :-)
  • drive home a point that learning is not dependent on age
  • And Internet is an inevitable part of educational process ( I have learnt a great deal from the internet sources)

You can learn anything at any age provided you have -Interest, Discipline, Patience, Perseverance and Practice what you learn. Simple Isn't it?

How and Why did this interest develop?

I developed interest in 'learning processes' by observing my son and daughter apply different learning methods/ styles for studying.

FYI, my daughter learnt chemistry formulas, a subject she never enjoyed (actually hated) by writing a poem or a gripping story about chem symbols, whereas my son would use his logic, (still does) to learn.

I figured at that time that there has to be a reason for different learning techniques.

And...............I found my answer while I was doing dissertation work for MPhil studies. For dissertation work I deliberately picked research topic to find best and easy ways for non natives to learn English Vocabulary. I studied Multiple Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner and how it can be applied to learning/ enhancing vocabulary.

MIT ( Multiple Intelligences Theory) is a very popular and successful concept in most developed countries but, in India and most other Asian countries it is hardly known.

Although,I stopped MPhil at dissertation first draft stage( Reasons I cannot write about). But, I learnt a lot through the processes and jumped in for MA Education program to learn in depth about the educational process itself.

I have learnt so much about MIT (Multiple Intelligences) and Learning Styles that now I want everybody to know about them. I want everybody to know that all are differently abled and Intelligence is not a unitary concept.

Learning is a lifelong process. Mature people learn through years of trial and errors and then realize their learning strengths. But you do not have to waste years to know your learning strengths!!!

Understand two things well---

1. You need to be good with your communication skills, because your communicative competence is the key to success and vocabulary is an essential part of it.

2.Learning to learn facilitates learning and makes the process enjoyable.

This site is work in progress.

I am in the process of writing about Multiple Intelligences and Learning styles. Once it is done I hope it will be helpful for lay learners to make most use of his/her inherent strengths and aptitude to optimize learning outcomes.

What are my learning styles?

I love music, dance, meditation, graphic arts; well, just about anything creative. So.........Go figure.

So, you see I know nothing about computer programming, it's just not in me. Then,

How did I Build this site?

It was by chance I found


I just knew it's the platform to explore, to give voice to my ideas on English Vocabulary and Learning styles and techniques. I just knew, that with my SBI site I could share secrets to vocabulary and success; learning-how to tap our inherent strengths/ talents for learning effortlessly, age notwithstanding.

My honest advise to any English language learner is, start writing because writing requires you to actively draw on your knowledge and produce your thoughts/ opinions/ feelings on paper or( I)Pad.

Nobody can help you better than SBI to hand hold you to publish your views.

Honestly...Try it!

Check here for 3 months money back offer.

SBI! Proof
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To learn English as a second language and to be able to use it as a first language is a mountainous task and very very very few succeed because even expert non-native speakers of English leave residue in their communication in various forms.Pronunciation, Spelling, Usage, Register and Wrong Contextual use

Through this website I would like to help English Language Learners to learn crucial words in a systematic manner so that they:

  • a) do not feel overwhelmed
  • b) enjoy the learning process and
  • c) gain confidence in their language skills.

This website contains A to Z of English vocabulary compiled from the best research studies and workshop course materials!

Why should you invest time in Vocabulary learning ?

In non- speaking English countries where English language course is taught in schools as a mandatory subject the results are still not great because students do not have any exposure to it other than school/ college classrooms.

Hence, the discrepancy between the curricula and actual transmission of contents creates a false knowledge field. Consequently, language curriculum in Higher studies is based on the assumptions that a school pass out will have certain knowledge of the language. This leads to increased pressure on students as they are expected to know English of a certain level.

I have come to this conclusion based on my experience in Language school where I trained students for IELTS (International English Language Test), business communication and communication skills. It's unfortunate that these learners, having studied English in school and in college for more than 10 years yet lack essential basics of the language. Their English language is grammatically correct but vocabulary is too limited. A problem indeed.

Bottom Line- Vocabularies Matter- Big Time!

Come lets travel together on this journey and I sincerely hope and pray both you and I will be rewarded with some great knowledge.

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