Vocabulary Words and Word Consciousness---
A word is a microcosm of human consciousness........Vygotsky

Vocabulary Words and Words, What's the Difference?

Before you start off on your journey to the world of words, lets find what is the meaning of vocabulary and how it differs from words.

The 'word' vocabulary means collective knowledge of words in a language. Two concepts are prominent in this sentence: Word and Language.

Therefore, word consciousness defines your world knowledge through language proficiency and

Why should you bother about word consciousness, word use or appropriate word usage?

1) What is a word?

2) What is a language?

Vocabulary includes many word elements in it, like-

Single Words----What- is- your- name

Phrasal Verbs----Climb down

Fixed Phrase ----To tell you the truth

Variable Phrase- It has come to our/ my notice/ attention

Idioms--------------Read between the lines

Does this mean there are innumerable words in English language?

Yes and No. English language is a amalgamation of several languages....there are numerous reasons for vagaries in English language.

Word in a language refers to a symbol /written or a pattern/ oral that conveys the meaning i.e word consciousness and its very individualistic. Yes, learning a language is a unique process.

For example everything under the sun has a name to it. NOUN

Then we have activities or actions being performed to carry out work. VERB

Our feelings, emotions, special traits, characters also add to describing our thoughts in reference to noun. ADJECTIVE

Words that describe our actions and add something to the action. ADVERB

All these words form contents of text, they are called CONTENT WORDS whereas words that string the whole sentence together in a meaningful lot are called STRUCTURE or GRAMMATICAL words (article, prepositions, conjunction, auxiliary verbs, modals).

This website focuses on CONTENT WORDS that make your vocabulary words for specific purpose

 Academic Vocabulary ( Academic word list)

Business Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary

GRE Vocabulary

ESL Vocabulary

Thus a sentence is formed using lots of words. And the total number of words comprise a person’s vocabulary. Needless to say more vocabulary words or vocab better are your comprehension and communication abilities.

Word Consciousness and Word Usage:

Our thoughts play central role in our language use because words express thoughts. Before your thoughts turn into speech or writing they undergo many changes before finding their reality and form in words you choose.

Yes, vocabulary words do have consciousness that manifests in our language through kind of words we use. So, does language influence thought or it's thoughts that formulate use of words. Difficult and debatable topic.

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Why should you bother about words consciousness, word use or appropriate word usage?Read this bit of history making story to understand this........................

It is said Governments control country through word use. It was George Orwell, famous for his writing 'News speak' who created a stir because of it's unconventional wisdom on word use manipulation.

According to Orwell governments make clever use of words to propagate their ideas and thoughts. He called this “Newspeak.” It essentially means an official language is adapted to the meanings of words to create favorable

result or even change peoples thoughts and to conceal facts.He gives an example of “Ministry of Love” initiated by government but in truth was meant to brainwash and torture.

All of this information is important form vocabulary learning point of view because word use or appropriate word usage can deliver your,'Most wanted response'. I find this topic very interesting because word consciousness is shaped by thoughts which in turn are influenced by input we receive through our senses. Or, word use may lead us to particular thought process.

Ever heard of positive thinking? Affirmations?

Language learning is a unique process, only available to humans.Our language use, choice of words ( if we do have big vocabulary) is affected by many factors




Social surrounding



In addition, our knowledge about words in our native language or L1 is based on things we have seen, experienced or know about. Anything else outside these areas just doesn't exist.

Therefore as language learner, you would be much better of learning or enhancing your vocabulary when you learn it in context and in different places and situations. Because,this will enable you to connect your word consciousness to optimal positive results.

Therefore, I recommend you put your vocabulary learning in real world experiences i.e.,speak, write, discuss using different word forms in various situations.

Remember!!!More words you know better you will be able to put your thoughts across!!!

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