Phrasal Verbs You Cannot Do Without!
Important phrases you must know for academics, business and for general use

Phrasal verbs! Truly you cannot do without them. They are a sure give away about your level of language proficiency.

Native speakers of English often use them in their communication- written or oral whereas second language users tend to use typical formal sentence structure. Because, non native users learn language mostly from written texts as they lack opportunity to practice language in immediate environment.

For example,

I look forward to the award ceremony.


I eagerly await the award ceremony.

The first example is more natural and flows whereas the second one although is right but, comes across as unnatural.

Phrasal verb is made up ( made+ up) of a simple verb and a particle. More examples:

Get---- to get--- To get by---to get along---

Make- to make

Take –To take

Look- to look

Why is it crucial to learn them?

Effective and efficient use of verbs in a phrase, is a must know part of your vocabulary knowledge. They are commonly used in communication in various situations formal or informal.

If you are in corporate world you will need to have appropriate business vocabulary packed with phrasal vocabulary. Business English usage contains vocabulary items as following.

Single Words----concur, deliberate

Phrasal Verbs----Abide by

Fixed Phrase----To tell you the truth

Variable Phrase- It has come to our/ my notice/ attention

Idioms----------At all cost, come what may

For students of higher learning, I suggest you to master words from academic word list plus phrasal verbs that will come handy in writing, speaking and other academic tasks.

These words in IELTS Vocabulary word list will help you to score higher band in Writing, Speaking, listening and Reading.

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