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You can say little without grammar but without vocabulary you cannot say anything at all...Wilkins

Vocabulary word lists, actually it is very interesting to know "How lists are created?, consists of pool of very important words and it is better learners first learn these words and then move on to other words. And why learn these words first?

Many English enthusiastic learners, often in their eagerness to learn English faster, look for ‘that word list’ List of English words commonly used in English texts which will make them masters of English. Great plan but, where to look for it and how can you trust that information.

Internet makes this matter worse. Yes, it is full of Vocabulary related information but its authority on the subject is questionable.Secondly, you need someone knowledgeable on the subject to guide you through this voluminous data.

Voila! You just got that!!!

Everything you must know about the important vocabulary and Vocabulary Word Lists is all here.

Download free vocabulary word lists

Vocabulary lists you get here are:

Vocabulary Lists and Text Coverage

Many researchers, linguists and English Language teachers share a common consensus that the high frequency 2,000 words account for 85% and more of the written words in any text. These words are included in High-Frequency-Word-Lists of English words by Michael West.

If you are a beginner you would want to start with GSL list that covers 2000 words. These word lists are ideal for learners of English as a second language.The lists give ESL most frequent words learners must know in order to comprehend basic level English texts. But if you use English language for academic or professional reasons, you could start with Academic Word List (570 word).

Word Lists are not created based on experiential knowledge of few teachers. This work involves extensive research and close study of each word ,it is definitely not work done in a year or a few years because of the sheer volume of work involved in developing authentic vocabulary lists.And you get all these words here absolutely in Free Word lists which are highly recommended by who's who in the world of English language training.

2000 most frequent words in General Service List were compiled in 1953, but it is still regarded as benchmark for required vocabulary size that covers certain percentage of texts.The reason for this is the whole procedure to recognize some words as most frequent is rather complex. It involves study of voluminous texts, observation of words which occur frequently followed by checking and further cross checking of collected data,etc. etc.

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bit bucket n. An An imaginary trash location, example, "it fell into the bit bucket" means the data was lost.

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