How Vocabulary List are Created?

Download free wordlists academic and General Service Lists.

Before we delve into the process which creates Vocabulary Word Lists it would be nice to know What are Vocabulary word Lists?

The vocabulary word lists that this site talks about are well acknowledged universally for their authenticity and intensity of work behind them. It starts with academicians, researchers and scholars selecting text to cover range of English language in all disciplines like art, science, etc. The whole process is complex because of the sheer importance of vocabulary word lists.

After this select data is keyed in for computer software to sort it for calculating frequent words/Word forms:

  1. Identify recurring combination of words,
  2. Identify context in which a particular word appears
  3. Descending Frequency of words.

These shortlisted word then are compiled into word lists.

You don’t see free word lists in public domain because these intensive studies are conducted as a joint venture between, leading International Universities and learner dictionaries for mutual benefits like research or economic reasons.

However, you can access these words by buying Learners' Dictionaries where in words are put in coding system to distinguish between first 1000, second 1000 and so on.

It all reads like a lot of work, but it is not.

Anyway, you cannot do without knowing enough words in English to perform basic reading, writing, speaking or understanding others.

And, for advanced English learners knowledge of Academic word list is   an absolute necessity.

To summarise, English vocabulary can be divided into four categories on basis of usefulness.

* High frequency wordsThese words make 85% of contents,run very frequently in texts

* Academic vocabularyThe Academic vocabulary list (AWL) contains 570 words excluding words form High frequency words. AWL has been further classified into 10 sub-lists on the basis of frequency of words.

* Technical vocabulary: is common to a particular subject but not others like metamorphosis, cell, joint venture, depreciation. It assumed to have about 1000 words and covers 5% or less of the words in academic texts.

* Low frequency words: Low frequency wordlist is meant for learners who use English for other purposes than academic e.g. certain professions which do not require academic reading, or readers who enjoy reading novels and popular magazines

Why V
ocabulary Word Lists are Important?

Mostly, teachers discuss contents in the classroom and leave vocabulary learning for learners to learn on their own especially in higher studies. But, this method has not been effective for language learning. Therefore it is important that specific words (based on frequently in usage) should be taught in depth.

The question is which words? Different Vocabulary lists provide necessary words towards this purpose.

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