Free Dictionary Online.
Is it as good as printed one?

Is free dictionary online any good?

Today, digital is the word so how can English dictionaries lag behind?

By the way, do you know dictionary carries in depth information about the word that you know nothing about?

Also, nowadays most reputed dictionaries are present on the web and are available in digital format in CD-ROM version as well. So, yes online English dictionary is as good as Printed dictionary.

Before you check out online English dictionary, first may be you should really really know ins and outs of using dictionary. For instance:

One word has many definitions, which one is for your use?

There are many full-fledged online versions of paper back dictionaries available on the net. Few of free English dictionary online are

You can see list of online dictionaries @

Whether you are consulting an online or offline dictionary, it is a good idea to have a good idea about the loads of information dictionary gives even for a simple word.

Follow these guidelines to choose right free online dictionary.

Clearer layout: An online dictionary enjoys more space on computer than a printed one where words are printed in smaller fonts with lesser example sentences because of paucity of space. And,paper dictionaries follow a peculiar system of listing words learning and following it, again is time consuming. Therefore, choose a free online dictionary which gives information in clear layout ( bigger fonts) with lots of example sentences.

Recordings: You can listen to the recordings to check how a word is pronounced in a free online English dictionary. Be careful of British and American pronunciation even in a free dictionary online because different pronunciation for a word is the most confusing part of English Vocabulary.

Easy to copy and paste: With online dictionary it is easy to copy information about word definition , example sentences and paste in a word file or notepad where you store new vocabulary items.

Easy to Search: Some online dictionaries are free. Online English dictionary makes it easy to search as compared to turning thousands of pages in a paper dictionary.

Software Dictionaries and Free Online Dictionaries:

Like E-Books, you can also buy a software dictionary available in CD Rom.

Always choose dictionary which gives simple word definitions, simple and different examples, phrasal verbs and idioms, pronunciation by decoding English phonetic symbols with American and British accent and loads easily in your computer.

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bit bucket n. An An imaginary trash location, example, "it fell into the bit bucket" means the data was lost.

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