Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises

Free English dictionary practice exercises for finding word meanings, contextual use, spellings, pronunciations, and etymology. Explained in detail here.

Dictionary follows alphabetical listing of words. Try these simple exercises before attempting ones mentioned on this page.

English language is full of vocabulary words that have multiple meanings. E.g. words ---set, strike, take and more words, have 250+ meanings.

Do not believe me? Look them up in a dictionary yourself. I will make it easier, search these definitions in an online English dictionary.

Why one word has multiple meanings?

This is the beauty of English language. Its vastness and the very process of word formation. Secondly, words carry different meanings when used in different part of speech.

Parts of speech

Let’s examine word, ‘set’. When, ‘Set’ used as a noun, it can mean,

  • a permanent firming or hardening of a substance, as by cooling or
  • The act of arranging hair by waving and curling it

  • And many more meanings.

Similarly, word ‘Set’ when used as a verb has many meanings.

Therefore, you need to consider both part of speech and context before deciding the definition for your use among various definitions mentioned in the dictionary.

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Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Parts of Speech #1

Look at the word, ’set’ (in italics) and check in your dictionary and write down, what part of the speech word belongs to. Scroll down for the correct answers.

1. Set a book on a table.

2. He set his jaw and concentrated on flying the plane through the storm.

3. Set a place for a dinner guest; set a table.

4. A set time for the launching.

5. The sun set at seven that evening.

6. Followed set procedures for filing a grievance.

7. "The mental set of an audience is crucial to his performance" (Psychology Today).

8. The set of her cap.

9. "His bearded face already has a set, hollow look".

Answers for Practice Exercises for Parts of Speech

1. V.Tr



4. ADJ

5. V. Intr

6. ADJ

7. N

8. N

9. N.

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Parts of Speech #2

In your dictionary look up definitions for the following words and write down the abbreviation for part of speech for the word’s definition.

Example: Gap, n, v. intr

1. Psyche ______________________________

2. Blade______________________________

3. Context______________________________

4. Special______________________________

5. Example______________________________

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Pronunciation

Look at the following pronunciation keys carefully, and then attempt to translate/ write following words with pronunciation keys. For example,

1. Medieval

2. Massacre

3. Sarcastic

4. Content

5. Massage

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Etymology

In your dictionary look up for word origin for the following and write the etymology for each.

1. Dictionary_________________________

2. Vocabulary________________________

3. Serendipity _______________________

4. Boycott___________________________

5. Tussle____________________________

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Synonyms

Look for the synonyms for the following words in your dictionary. Check dictionary and note down all the synonyms.

Example: Love: Care, Affection, Infatuation, Fondness, Like

1. Accept __________________________

2. Likely__________________________

3. Reverence __________________________

4. Power __________________________

5. Beautiful __________________________

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Antonyms

Look for antonyms for the following words

Example: Day Night

1. Freedom_____________________

2. Content _____________________

3. Respect _____________________

4. Excellent _____________________

5. Poor _____________________

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Spellings

From the following word list, write letter/s which you feel is/aren't correctly used and then consult a dictionary and trace the correct letter from the dictionary.

Find the answer at the end of the exercise.

1. Fisical __________

2. cychology __________

3. qubicle__________

4. Douse____________

5. fotostat __________

6. jender __________

7. proklaim __________


1. ph-,

2. ps

3. c

4. w

6. ph;

7. g;

8. c;

9. wr;

Free English Dictionary Practice Exercises for Etymology

Look at following words in the dictionary and write word origin/ etymology for each.

Cross check your answers in the dictionary and make a note of it in your notebook.

1. Blusher__________________________

2. Father __________________________

3. Whitewash__________________________

4. Hand __________________________

5. Good Bye__________________________

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Oxford English Dictionary publishes new word updates and revised word meanings, on March, June,September and December every year. For instance, in March 2012, it added:
bit bucket n. An An imaginary trash location, example, "it fell into the bit bucket" means the data was lost.

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